Florida Pace Program Funding

You may be eligible for up to $22,853 in financing for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and wind resistance upgrades

RenewPACE is a government-backed financing program from national energy finance leader Renew Financial. It provides upfront funding for your home energy efficiency, renewable energy, and wind resistance improvements. Simply apply, work with a RenewPACE Registered Contractor, like Pace Energy Solutions, to complete the projects, and repay the financing on your property tax bill over the course of up to 25 years. With RenewPACE, there are no out of pocket costs and acceptance is not based on your FICO score.

Pace Energy Solutions is a RenewPACE Registered Contractor

RenewPACE financing can be used to pay for hundreds of home efficiency projects, including ultra efficient heating and cooling, new windows and doors, solar panels, insulation, cool roofs, drought-tolerant landscaping, and many other upgrades.
RenewPACE efficiency financing has a number of benefits compared to traditional bank financing. First, approval is based on home value, not your FICO score. It also offers competitive interest rates, no prepayment penalty, and 100% financing of your project.

***Pace Energy Solutions does not make loans or assessments and is neither a lender nor a broker. Financing is provided by energy finance leader Renew Financial in cooperation with local governments, and financing approvals are subject to standard credit acceptance and documentation requirements.***

Services & Solutions

There are hundreds of qualified PACE improvements and upgrades you can make to your home or business that may qualify.

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